Dr Sheetal Sirohi
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Consultant Psychiatrist
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Dr Sirohi is a General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist with a busy Private practice close to London and Surrey . She received training in India and UK and earned her Psychiatry qualification from Royal College Of Psychiatrists, London. Dr Sirohi has over 23 years experience as a doctor. She has previously worked as a Substantive NHS Consultant both on inpatient wards and in the community. She has also worked in specialist services such as Liaison Psychiatry, Home treatment ,Crisis ,Assertive outreach teams and the community forensic services. She left the NHS in 2017 to focus on her vision of building a high quality, effective mental health service in the private sector to be responsive to patient needs in a timely empathic manner. Dr Sirohi believes in a collaborative approach with her patients ,helping them to pilot their own individual journey of recovery and wellness. She seeks to empower her patients and help them navigate the everchanging landscape of developments in high quality specialist mental health care. Areas of interest past and current • Patient and carer empowerment : Dr Sirohi is a member of the Royal College Public Education Committee in facilitating patient engagement. Dr Sirohi presents at GP education events and is available to present at corporate events promoting mental health in the workspace. • Media and mental health : Dr Sirohi helped create ‘ virtual patients’ and training films for psychotherapy and risk assessments in the past . She supported the development of the Suicide Prevention Strategy for Surrey and continues to aims to promote digital safety and awareness (‘Digital Risk'), in relation to mental health and use of the internet. Dr Sirohi has also been a video presenter for mental health portals online. • Cultural psychiatry: Dr Sirohi has participated in various initiatives, such as the ‘Happy Soul Festival', which helped raise awareness of wellbeing and mental health in Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities. In addition to this, she has woked with mental health charities, such as MIND. • Aviation Psychiatry: Mental health assessment and support for pilots ,cabin crew and air traffic controllers. • Menopause and related Mental Health challenges

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