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The team and tools to deliver personalised, evidence-based therapy at scale.

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Guiding and supporting thousands of people across the UK


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Our solutions

Elevating every stage of the patient experience, from assessment and treatment to proactive self-care.

Wellness Checks & SelfPlans

Proactive, preventative care for each member, ensuring their wellbeing before, during, and after treatment.

Assessments & Triage Services

Comprehensive assessments and triaging across various conditions, providing you with detailed assessment reports.

Talking Therapies (IAPT)

We partner with NHS trusts to efficiently implement talking therapy programs, delivering cost-effective outcomes, that last.

Bridging Care Services

We establish virtual bridging services that effectively prevent individuals from falling through the gaps in their care journey.

Secondary & Specialist Care Capacity

We help reduce waiting lists and maintain their low levels, so patients get the help they need quicker.

Private Healthcare Provisions

We assist leading insurers in offering lasting, high-quality mental healthcare to their members.

Employee Support Services

Foster employee health and wellness by providing personalised access to therapy and coaching services.

Direct Referrals

Utilise our secure platform to submit referrals; upon obtaining consent, our therapists will provide progress reporting.

ADHD/ASD Assessments

Holistic assessments, tailored to each individual, conducted by a specialist team of practitioners.


Support the personal recovery of young people and their carers facing emotional, behavioural, and social difficulties.

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personalised matching

100+ specialisms and modalities

The most effective therapy starts with establishing a trusting relationship. Our network of therapists have extensive experience across a broad and diverse range of specialisms and modalities.

Upon completing an initial set of questions, we’ll triage and match patients with a therapist who aligns with their unique needs, ensuring they can achieve their goals most effectively.

Our therapists
clinical excellence

We’re more than a technology partner

With a team of over 300 leading clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and CBT therapists, clinical excellence and safeguarding is our number one priority.

Our services are overseen by Chief Clinical Director, Dr Rumina Taylor, an award-winning Chartered Clinical Psychologist, alongside our Director of Clinical Excellence & Safeguarding, as well as a panel of senior psychologists.

Better, together

From NHS trusts and global insurers to national employers and local medical practices, our proven pathways are delivering evidence-based outcomes, that last.

Why HelloSelf?

Combining clinical expertise with leading technology to transform the way we deliver mental healthcare.

Increase capacity

Set your availability and we’ll match new caseloads to your experience and specialisms.

Improve access

Set your availability and we’ll match new caseloads to your experience and specialisms.

Drive efficiencies

Set your availability and we’ll match new caseloads to your experience and specialisms.

Deliver lasting outcomes

Set your availability and we’ll match new caseloads to your experience and specialisms.

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The stories that matter

How our therapists are delivering better outcomes...

I have really enjoyed the variety of the role...

There’s a clear focus on the bottom line to recruit and support excellent clinicians to deliver a high quality service to our members.

September 2023
A new way and ethos of work which I love...

This role gives me the chance to work within my area of specialism, whilst also being supported to develop general skills too.

November 9th