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We understand that Therapy can be Stressful. What kind of Therapy do I need? What if I don’t like the Therapist? How am I going to find the time to get to their clinic? How do I know if it will work? How much will it cost?

The Best Therapists

Our Therapists are all accredited psychotherapists trained to Ph.D level using clinically proven methods. Because we are online you get the best Therapist for you… not just the best in your town.


Trying to find the time from work, family, life to spend at the clinic is hard. At HelloSelf you can talk to your Therapist when you want, where you want and how you want - chat, call, video.


Your Privacy is paramount to us at HelloSelf. That’s why we have built double encrypted online Therapy tools. We promise never to share, sell or show your data to anyone without your permission.

On your side

We want to help you get well and stay well. We’re the only Therapy service that offers support to prevent stress and keep you well.

How it works 5 steps to a confident self

  1. Find out about your Self

    Your dashboard where you can check your stress, anxiety and confidence, and use our tests to work out how to be your best Self.

    • Track your Confidence, Stress & Anxiety
    • Take our Stress Severity test to better understand where you are at
    • Take our Stress Origins Test to better understand what about your life is causing you Stress
  2. Find the right Therapist

    We take the time to match you with a therapist who you will be comfortable with.

    • Get matched to the best Therapist for you
    • Have a free chemistry session on HelloSelf (if it does not feel right, we'll match you with another)
  3. Convenient Sessions - wherever and whenever

    Choose the session time and place that’s best for you.

    • Online sessions on your phone or laptop - chat, call or video
    • Video - allows you to speak to your therapist as if they were in the room
    • Whiteboard - draw and sketch with your therapist in your session
    • Practices - receive practices and tips to use between sessions
  4. Improve between sessions

    We do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of your therapy sessions.

    • Recorded sessions - unlike offline therapy, you can revisit advice and discussions using session recording
    • Practice and Track - use practices to get the best impact from your therapy and see how you are improving
    • Notifications - we’ll remind you what to practice (and when), as we all know life can get busy
    • Chat - if you need support between sessions, you can message your therapist and they will get back to you
  5. Confidently maintain your Self confidence

    We'll be here whenever you need us.

    • Access your entire HelloSelf history whenever you need it
    • Practice & Track - keep up your practices and keep tracking your progress
    • Chat top-up - receive new Practices if you need a boost

Ready to start your journey to your confident self?


Because we are online we can work with the Best therapists from across the country. Every HelloSelf therapist is an accredited psychotherapist who is both HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered and a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society)..

Every HelloSelf therapist is interviewed and checked by our team & Clinical Director. We pride ourselves on working with the best Therapists in the UK, and our assessment process ensures we provide only the highest standards for our members.

We Can Help With...

Our Therapists can help you if you are experiencing problems with any of the following.

kittens Anxiety
kittens Stress
kittens Depression
kittens Relationships
kittens Post Natal
kittens Career Change
kittens Bereavement
kittens Life Changes
kittens Sleep
kittens Happiness
kittens Psychosis
kittens Addiction
kittens Trauma
kittens OCD
kittens Performance
kittens Confidence>
kittens Life Goals
kittens Family


Get Well
£120 per session
Stay Well
£5 per week
Secure online Therapy Session – with the best specialist in the country for your needs. cross
Historical Sessions and note – re-watch and review your old sessions as recommended by NHS
Practices – Revisit and continue your practices between sessions. This is the most effective way to fast recovery.
Measurement - Stress Tracking, etc etc – See how you are improving over time
Dedicated LifeCoach support between sessions – HelloSelf are the only service where you can get help and support with your practices between sessions.
Get started

Choosing your Therapy service is a big decision… we know that. Here are some stories and testimonials from our happy members.

Sessions helped more than I could have imagined. I was able to finally find balance in my life and a bigger appreciation for what I had already achieved. I was struggling with my choice of career path / life goals and depression. HelloSelf helped me weigh up my options / goals in a way that was so personable, and I felt through our sessions they knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish. As a result from my sessions I have moved onwards and upwards with my career, have a much better work/life balance and have a happier more fulfilled life.


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Our Mission

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  • We believe in a world where we all understand and experience our best SELF.
  • We believe that we can help everyone achieve their potential and live a fulfilled life.
  • We believe we can reduce the potential wasted by unhappiness.
  • We believe we can do this through creating new understanding about the Science of self and using technology to apply this knowledge quickly.

We also believe that the only way to do this is to create a different type of world changing company: One that is set up to serve its members and its ecosytem not just drive profit growth.

Thats why HelloSelf is a certified BCorp and why we set up - meaning every member on our platform is part of a cooperative that owns part of HelloSelf.

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How do I know if I need therapy?

There is no one symptom which means to you need to speak to a Therapist. In fact most people could benefit from therapy… even if they are well. On HelloSelf you can start with a free session with a LifeCoach. They will ask you to take a number of tests and track some data. Based on this data we will recommend you either work with a LifeCoach or a Therapist.

If you want to take the NHS Mental Wellness Test and discuss the results with one of our LifeCoaches you can do so .

Does the therapy work online?

Absolutely... we would not offer it if it was not effective. In fact research has shown that online is at least as effective as offline therapy. You can see the research paper .

The great news is online is cheaper (no expensive rooms and swanky couches) and much more convenient (you can have your session from your sofa).

What's the difference between LifeCoaches and Therapists?

Both help people be their best Self but they specialise in different problems. LifeCoaches are more focused on helping you work out what aspects of your life you want to improve. Therapists are more focused on helping work with emotion, personality disorders, anxiety or depression.

Therapy has been through rigorous clinical trials to prove medical efficacy. LifeCoaching has been used around the world but has not been through clinical studies.

All our Therapists are fully accredited, PhDs with at least 5 years clinical experience.

Whichever you decide to work with… you can rest assured that you will only find the best on HelloSelf.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely… We believe your Self is private and that is why everything we do at HelloSelf has privacy at its heart. You are our member so we are not making money using your data for advertising or any other way. We’ve built HelloSelf to be a secure and safe space.

Are all your experts accredited?

All of our Therapists have PhDs and are accredited by the British Psychological Society. All have at least 5 years clinical experience to guarantee you are getting the best Therapy available.

Our LifeCoaches all have years of experience but there is no single universal accreditation. Each of our LifeCoaches has different areas of specialism… that's why we take care to match you to the right one.

Can I use private health insurance?

Yes… if you have health insurance you can speak to them to get a code. If you give them the name of your Therapist of choice they will give you a code. If you fill in the code when booking we will bill your insurer for your sessions.

You can’t pay for LifeCoaches or your membership subscription with your health insurance… sorry.

If you are in a life threatening situation - don't use this site.
Call 116 123 (UK) or use these resources to get immediate help. You must be over 18 to use HelloSelf.