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What we offer

We understand that accessing Therapy can be challenging. What kind of Therapy do I need? What if I don’t like the Therapist? How am I going to find the time to get to their clinic? How do I know if it will work? How much will it cost? How long will I need it for?

At HelloSelf we have tried to build a Stress free way of getting you the help you need:

The best therapists

Our Therapists are all accredited psychologists or psychological therapists trained to Ph.D level or equivalent using clinically proven methods. Because we are online you get the best Therapist for you… not just the closest.


Your Privacy is paramount to us at HelloSelf. That’s why we protect your data with strong encryption and we promise never to share, sell or show your data to anyone without your permission.

On your side

We want to help you get well and stay well. We’re the only Therapy service that offers support to prevent stress and keep you well.


Trying to find the time from work, family, and life to spend at the clinic is hard. At HelloSelf you can talk to your Therapist over private video from the comfort of your own home... or wherever you may be.

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I started using HelloSelf because I was extremely stressed at work and I wanted to change my career...

Ella, 30, London

How stressed are you?

Do you feel stressed? Do you think Stress is affecting your life? How bad is it?

Begin Stress TestIt only takes 2 min

How HelloSelf works



Choose the time that suits you best


Get to know you

Get matched to the best Therapist for your needs and get to know them before you commit



Safe secure space to talk to a qualified Therapist. They will set you practices to help you improve



Your dedicated LifeCoach will help you work on your practices between sessions



Know its working - with HelloSelf tracking and questionnaires you can see your Therapy working

Find out more about what makes HelloSelf work for you here.


Because we are online we can work with the Best therapists from across the country. Every HelloSelf therapist is an accredited psychologist or psychological therapist who is both HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registered and a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society).

Every HelloSelf therapist is interviewed and checked by our team & Clinical Director. We pride ourselves on working with the best Therapists in the UK, and our assessment process ensures we provide only the highest standards for our members.

Some of our featured therapists:

Dr Rumina Taylor

I’m qualified in: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.

See more

Dr James Duffy

I’m qualified in: Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, .

See more

Dr Helen Harding

I’m qualified in: Clinical Psychology, CBT (Individual, family & group), Compassion-focussed therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

See more
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Get Assessed - you receive a full report with our recommendations for you, based on your current experience and needs

Get Well is focused on helping you resolve your issues and live a life uninhibited by Stress.

Stay Well is for those who have been through Therapy or have never needed Therapy; those who want to stay well and strive to be their best Self.

Get Assessed

Secure online psychological assessment by one of our psychologists to create the best plan for you

Re-watch your assessment
You have the option to record your assessment so that you can go back and remind yourself of things we covered

Understand your needs
We place great emphasis on understanding what your specific needs are and how we can best help

Assessment report
You receive a full report from us with our recommendations for you - you can decide to start therapy with us or treat it as an independent assessment


Get Well

Secure online Therapy Session with the best matched specialist in the country for your needs

Historical Sessions
re-watch and review your old sessions as recommended by the NHS as good practice

Revisit and continue your practices between sessions. This is the most effective way to fast recovery

See how you are improving over time by using our emotion tracker

Dedicated LifeCoach support between sessions
HelloSelf are the only service where you can get help and support with your practices between sessions

From £100 per session

Stay Well

Historical Sessions
re-watch and review your old sessions as recommended by the NHS as good practice

Get set new practices to be your best Self. Revisit and continue your practices

Stress Tracking – See how you are improving over time

Dedicated LifeCoach
Work with your HelloSelf LifeCoach over chat to get tips on how to be your best Self

£5 per week


Choosing your Therapy service is a big decision… we know that. Here are some stories and testimonials from our happy members.

“Sessions helped more than I could have imagined. I was able to finally find balance in my life and a bigger appreciation for what I had already achieved.”



Sheffield, 40 years old

“I started using HelloSelf because I was extremely stressed at work and I wanted to change my career.”



London, 30 years old

In partnership with

The National Brain Appeal
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We believe in a world where we all understand and experience our best Self.

We believe that we can help everyone achieve their potential and live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

We believe we can reduce the potential wasted by unhappiness.

We believe we can do this through creating new understandings about the Science of self and using technology to apply this knowledge quickly.

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B Corp Pending

We also believe that the only way to do this is to create a different type of world changing company: One that is set up to serve its members and its ecosystem not just drive profit growth - that's why HelloSelf is a certified BCorp.


How do I know if I need therapy?

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There is no one symptom which means to you need to speak to a Therapist. In fact most people could benefit from therapy… even if they are well. On HelloSelf you can start with a free session with a LifeCoach. They will ask you to take a number of tests and track some data. Based on this data we will recommend you either work with a LifeCoach or a Therapist.

If you want to take the NHS Mental Wellness Test and discuss the results with one of our LifeCoaches you can do so here.

What's the difference between LifeCoaches and Therapists?

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Both help people be their best self and their focus is on enabling people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives. At HelloSelf your LifeCoach will be primarily focussed on supporting you to gain maximum benefit from the services available to you. For example, they will help you to remain focused on your goals, support you to complete in between session tasks for those engaged in therapy, and can provide you with additional emotional support alongside your therapist.

Your therapist is more focussed on providing evidence based psychological therapy to help you with your emotional difficulties and help you move towards your goals. All our Therapists are fully accredited, psychologists or psychological therapists trained to Ph.D level or equivalent with at least 5 years clinical experience. Both our LifeCoaches and Therapists only work with the most effective, evidence-based practices, so you can rest assured that you will only find the best on HelloSelf.

Can I use private health insurance?

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Yes… if you have health insurance you can speak to them to get a code. If you give them the name of your Therapist of choice they will give you a code. If you fill in the code when booking we will bill your insurer for your sessions.

You can’t pay for LifeCoaches or your membership subscription with your health insurance… sorry.