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We are HelloSelf

We are a team of Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists and CBT Therapists.

We use science and evidence to inform us about what helps people to become and stay their best Self.


We take all of the understanding, expertise & research we know


& super-boost it with technology and our own clinical platform features


to create a personalised, effective therapy experience for each person we serve.

Who’s it for?


We are in the business of change. We help people to change their lives through changing their understanding, their feelings, their thinking, their actions.

We help people to learn how to maintain their changes and continue to improve. We help people who are not well become well, and people who are fine, to thrive.


Important numbers


A 50 minute session starts from


Our average number of treatment sessions is


Our members rate our sessions

4.7 out of 5

How it works


You giving us some details about you and why you’re seeking therapy.


We match you to one of our therapists, send you a bit about them and how they work, along with their next available appointment.


You register with us to accept the match and get familiar with our therapy platform and it’s features.


You take the first step to becoming your best Self.

What’s the difference...?

Anyone can call themselves a therapist. HelloSelf therapists are all registered health professionals: Doctor’s of Clinical Psychology, Doctors of Counselling Psychology or Cognitive Behavioural Therapists. We have all undertaken rigorous training and are passionate about helping people with what we know works.

Therapy is a profession and researched concept. It’s provided by a therapist, it is tailored to an individual with specific goals in mind and with expected outcomes. It has reasoning and sound science as a foundation.


Therapeutic is very similar. It makes you feel good and can feel just like therapy.

It does not have a clear aim and is not specific to the individual. It doesn’t have a lasting effect even though it can feel good at the time.

Stroking a dog is therapeutic, a nice view, a good walk, and getting things off your chest... So talking to someone is typically therapeutic but not necessarily a therapy.

What does better mean to you?


We all move around on this spectrum. For some people better means recovering from a known illness and staying well. For others, it’s alleviating a difficulty and learning how to continue to improve. Some people come not knowing what, or if, things can change or improve - so better starts with a better understanding. Others come, feeling fine - but wishing for a better quality of relationship, a better life, a better Self.

Comments from HelloSelf members

I can’t thank you enough for the work you did with me. I feel your help was so beneficial to me. I was in a bit of a state when I first met you, but you gave me the tools to move on and sort things out. I am doing really well now.

I've been doing really well the past few months, I think it's the calmest and happiest I've ever been actually. I got a distinction in the first half of my masters and now I'm onto the second half working in the lab for my dissertation. I'm working with MRSA cultures every day - which I find quite funny because it would have paralyzed me with fear this time last year! It's amazing how much better I feel, sometimes I find it hard to believe how bad things were a year ago as I feel so normal now. Just another thanks for everything you did for me, which has allowed me to move on and do all these crazy and incredible things with my life!!

I booked at a time when I was feeling low following the end of a long relationship, and needed a helping hand out of the funk I found myself in. After only a few sessions I started feeling better, and that really was down to my therapist. She helped me discover myself, what can trigger variances in my mood, my reactions to people/situations, and how to manage all of this. After 5 months of therapy, I felt equipped to venture off into the world alone. My therapist is clever, perceptive, empathetic and completely non-judgemental; a combination which puts you at ease and able to work towards your goals.