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Addiction can be defined as not having control over a taking/using a certain substance or engaging in a certain behaviour. Examples of common addictions include drugs, alcohol, gambling, nicotine, the internet, pornography, work, among others.

The sources of addiction can be varied, with trauma commonly being an underlying cause. Some research studies suggest a genetic component, whilst acknowledging that environmental triggers can have an impact too. Whilst the road to recovery from addiction can be long and challenging, there are no addictions that are untreatable.

Actions that can help

  1. Don’t assume you can beat this on your own. Addiction and substance misuse can alter how your brain functions, making it incredibly difficult to overcome through sheer ‘willpower’.
  2. Talk to someone. This doesn’t have to be a medical or mental health professional to start with, just explaining what you’re going through to someone you trust is an important first step.
  3. If you’re having trouble finding the right sort of help, call the Frank drugs helpline on 0300 123 6600. They can talk you through all your options.
  4. Remember that recovery is a process. Whilst some may feel fully recovered after treatment, some will feel that they are always in recovery. Setbacks are normal, keep at it.
  5. Finding a ‘buddy’ can help- this can be someone who is ahead of you in their journey of coping with addictions or at the same level as you. Having some support can help you feel less isolated.


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