Privacy Promise

Your Privacy and Security is paramount to us

We will never sell, share or show your data to anyone without your permission. Only you, your Coach and your Clinical team (Therapist) can see your Self data.

We use your data to personalise our recommendations for you - Everyone is different and we want to help you find the simplest way to be your best Self

We will always tell you what data we are tracking and explain the reason for this… these include:

  • What you read and are interested in on the site including when you visit

  • Quizzes, tests and Questionnaires

  • Emotion Tracking

  • Sessions data - video, audio

  • What words you use in chat

  • We use secure cookies to track this data

We also sometimes ask you to give us permission to access other data to help improve our service for you. Again we will always explain what we are doing with it when we ask. Also all data request are optional. For example:

  • Biometric data

  • Location data,

  • Smart phone data, etc.

All members of HelloSelf own their own data. Therefore we will delete it if you want it to be removed. If your data has been used to train an algorithm then the raw data not the algorithm will be deleted.

We don’t enable the download of personal data for security reasons however you can request a copy of your data at We do not recommend having a copy of your data sent to you for security reasons. We will ask for a number of proofs of identity including a passport before releasing any information. We are happy to document what categories of data we hold so that you can decide if you want us to delete any of it.

Your data is encrypted - both when it is being transferred and when it is being stored.

In cases where the data owner is deceased the data ownership transfers to their next of kin or as directed by their will.

We are obliged to hold clinical data on our members for 7 years unless requested otherwise. We are licensed to hold this data.

In the case of a significant data breach you will be informed as soon as practicable in the circumstances and certainly within 72hrs. We abide by all regulations set by the ICO and GDPR.