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February 20th, 2019

Why some people prefer online Therapy

By Charles Wells (CEO)

  • Convenience

Here are some common reasons why people prefer online therapy (or use it as an alternative or supplement to in-office therapy):

  • In-office therapy is expensive - up to 20% of what you are paying is being spent on the room - online removes all the cost apart from the Therapist so more of your spend goes on getting the best Therapist
  • Finding the time… Taking time out of your life to speak to your Therapist is hard enough as it is… let alone adding a commute. For some people this is not just inconvenient but impossible.
  • People worry about the stigma of in-office therapy - It can be intimidating sitting on a coach in a Therapists clinic… some people find it much more comfortable and calm to be at home.
  • People are concerned people they know will see them enter or leave a therapist’s office - Not everyone wants their neighbours to know they are seeking help.
  • It is much easier to cancel, reschedule or change their therapist within a network of online therapists - There are lots of experts with lots of specialisms… far more than most practices can offer.
  • Online therapy enables new structures. Rather than 8 x 1 hour sessions… it might be better for you to have 16 x 30mins sessions.
  • Some feel therapy via the Internet provides greater confidentiality
  • You don’t have to cancel if you are ill… you can’t pass on a cold through the internet
  • For some people remote actually suits their problem… for example some members experience less ‘triggers’ when they stay home.
  • It is a convenient option for people with disabilities
  • Online can be a safe and sensible solution for people in abusive relationship who want to receive therapy without their partner knowing

There are unique benefits for therapists as well:

  • Less time doing admin & commuting
  • More time serving members
  • More tracking to see your members progress
  • Fit sessions around your life - Therapists have lives too… whether it is kids or careers… we want the best Therapists to be available where they want when they want.
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