February 6, 2024

Who needs vegetables?

Vegetables aren’t the only source of vitamins.

Life is bumpy, chaotic, joyful, confusing, exciting, sometimes dull.

Many of us have this in common: ‘I would love to just tweak…this bit’, or ‘once I’ve just…then I’ll feel more…‘. It’s easy to look at others and assume they’ve got most of it worked out. The truth is, most of us go from day to day doing our best for our boss, our loved ones, our friends, strangers, work colleagues. Our motivations vary wildly. It could be love, generosity, fear, the need to impress, or because it gives us something we need or want.

We all need the basics for ourselves: to eat, to sleep, to move, to relax, to interact with the world around us. If we take time to really use our senses, to savour those moments when we see or hear incredible things, it fuels our wellbeing. Take a moment to think about your senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, hear. When was the last time you (consciously and deliberately) fed each of these.

(Ideally without your phone in hand) What could you do over the next week to experience exhilaration or pleasure or calm through your senses? It could be enjoying the smell of coffee in the morning, kicking back and staring at the clouds for a while, running your fingers across different textures, taking time for yourself to just breathe…hopefully you can find 10 minutes of your day to be present and enjoy these moments. Finding the recipe of what makes each of us feel our best selves is something for which we should strive to find the time.

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