February 6, 2024

Five ways of dealing with stress at work

We all experience stress in the workplace. Whether that be due to an increase in workload or a lack of support from colleagues and/or managers, it is not uncommon to experience work related stress.

In order to help combat stress at work, you could try one of these five tips.

Learn when to say noSaying no can be tricky, particularly when it comes to the workplace. However, by getting to grips with what you are able to take on and learning when to be honest, you will feel much lighter. It is no use having impossible deadlines hanging over your head, as too much pressure will likely affect the quality of work you are producing. Some managers value people being honest about what they can and cannot do. Realistic expectations are then set and therefore can be met.

Be aware of the signsStress at work can easily begin to leak into other areas of your life. By being aware of the physical signs of stress you can try and get on top of them before they start to cause issues elsewhere. To read more about the signs and symptoms of stress click here (https://www.helloself.com/advice/am-i-stressed.)

Talk to someoneIf you are feeling the burn at work, it is important to speak to someone inside (or outside, if not possible) of your organisation. All employers have a duty of care for their employees and should be able to support you with coping with this stress.

Get a solid 8 hoursWhen we’re stressed, getting a good night’s sleep can seem impossible, particularly if you don’t prioritise it. Getting a good night’s sleep will leave you feeling fresh and more awake the following day and can help to combat the effects of increased stress levels. Sleeping builds resilience and resources which are needed when we feel stressed.

BreaksWorking through lunch may feel more productive but it is important to take time physically and mentally away from work. 15-30 minutes away from your desk at lunch can do you a world of good. It can help to increase your productivity and will in turn help you to feel less stressed.

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