February 8, 2024

Family and how we can help

Actions that can help:

  1. Improve your sleep hygiene
  2. Did you know that exercise does not just make you physically well. It helps keep you mentally well too?
  3. It seems obvious but there has been a lot of research showing how your gut and what you eat can affect how you feel
  4. The first step in improving your emotions is understanding them. Whatever you are feeling use our free emotion tracking tools to log and see how your emotions are trending and what effects them
  5. Whatever you are going through you will feel better talking to someone about it. It could be a friend or family member or it could be a LifeCoach or Therapist on HelloSelf. We offer a free get to know your call and assessments and Wellbeing plans at £45.

Family - Five facts

  1. 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue every year
  2. Mental wellness is like physical wellness - we are ALL sometimes well and sometimes less so
  3. Big Life Changes can trigger people to experience new emotions that can feel overwhelming
  4. Isolation is the single biggest challenge quoted by people when struggling with an emotion… talking to someone is the fastest solutions
  5. Treatment works if you work with qualified clinically proven methods.

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