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Dr Louise Adam

Clinical Psychologist
BSc (Hons), PsychD
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Louise is an approachable and down to earth Clinical Psychologist, who believes being at ease is crucial to a positive therapy experience. She works together with the client to identify their difficulties and goals, and a joint understanding is created of what contributes to and maintains the problem. The client’s strengths, resources and abilities are drawn on to identify strategies for improving their mental heath. The work is always collaborative, but Louise draws on evidence-based theories and techniques to inform the treatment plan.


Louise specialises in supporting people with anxiety presentations (including social, separation, health & general anxiety, panic, phobias and OCD), low mood, stress and transitions, low self-esteem and tics and Tourettes. She also has vast experience supporting people with a diagnosis of, or suspected, Autism and ADHD. She draws on a range of evidence-based therapies, the main approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) as well as Systemic Therapy principles, including Narrative Therapy techniques. She is also specially trained in Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBITs). Louise has over 12 years experience working with people with mental health difficulties within the NHS, local authority and third sector services. She completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey, where she gained experience supporting people across the lifespan with their mental health, as well as with both learning disabilities and brain injuries. After qualifying she worked within an adult mental health and Psychosis service in the NHS. Since this she has worked in a Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, where she still holds a role alongside her private practice. Within this role Louise regularly supervises qualified, trainee and assistant Psychologists, as well as works closely with other professionals.