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Anxiety is a normal emotion which we all experience at times, to a lesser or larger degree. Anxiety is a general term for a set of symptoms, physical and psychological, which often is a natural way for our body to respond to threat - real or imagined. Anxiety is a normal and sometimes helpful experience - however, it can also become problematic.

Actions that can help

  1. Slow your breathing
  2. Challenge worrying thoughts
  3. Practice doing small things that make you anxious
  4. Shift your focus from worrying thoughts
  5. Set aside worry time


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Anxiety - Five facts

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What if talking about things makes my problems worse?

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It can understandably be painful to talk about things that feel difficult in our lives. It might lead us to feel strong emotions such as sadness, anxiety or anger. Therapy helps to identify these feelings and work on them together, with the aim of helping people to accept and move forward with their lives. Therapy should always be taken at the pace of the individual and you should never feel pressured to talk about anything you don’t feel ready to. You can always let the therapist know if you are worried about how therapy is making you feel and you should always have a space to debrief after talking about anything difficult.