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On hand to make every Self better

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) and HelloSelf share the belief that access to evidence-based resources and support is essential for wellness, particularly when you are navigating life with a chronic health condition. There are about 2.8 million people in the world who have MS and OMS and HelloSelf want to empower these people to take control of their health and become their Best Selves.


Overcoming MS (OMS) is the world's leading multiple sclerosis healthy lifestyle charity. The founder of the 7 step evidence-based OMS programme, Professor George Jelinek, has MS himself and has dedicated his life since his diagnosis to empowering others with MS to take control of their health. OMS’ program focuses on the everyday practical things that people can do to improve their health and quality of life. This includes following a plant-based diet, supplementing with vitamin D, exercising and looking after mental health.

OMS aims to inform, support and empower everyone affected by MS to lead a full and healthy life. OMS provides information, including webinars and OMS podcast. Their OMS Circles are a supportive worldwide volunteer group network. They campaign and fund open access to research into how lifestyle influences MS. OMS also distributes a free book for people living in the UK and Ireland.

Our Collaboration

With the goal of better understanding how therapy can support individuals living with MS, OMS and HelloSelf launched a collaborative project to help individuals in the OMS community access high-quality psychological support. Psychologists from HelloSelf donated 8 sessions of psychological therapy each to individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis to help aid these individuals in improving their mood, quality of life and overall well-being. We hope to learn more about whether tech-enabled therapy (remote sessions, session recordings, using the HelloSelf App) can have benefits for individuals with MS. The findings from this pilot project will be used to add to the evidence base on the impact of psychological therapy on coping with MS and maximising wellness.


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