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Waiting Room

If you have a call scheduled, log in to the platform and you will notice a box in the top right telling you how long until your call is ready. This box is shown for the 15 minutes leading up to your session.

image showing countdown functionality

Click ‘Go to Waiting Room’ to prepare for your session. Here you can choose how much, if any, of your session you would like to record. Video recording allows you to watch your session back, with your therapist able to highlight key moments. You are also able to receive language analysis, offering insight into your most frequently used words, and body language analysis will soon be available.

image showing preferences functionality

HelloSelf then checks that your camera is functioning as it should be.

image showing camera functionality

Next, we do a quick test of your internet speed to ensure that you won’t have a poor connection.

image showing connection functionality

Finally, we check your microphone so your therapist can hear you clearly.

image showing microphone functionality

Once this is complete, you can sit back and wait. This gives you time to prepare - clear your head and think about what you want to discuss.

image showing wait functionality

When the waiting period is over your therapist will call you in a matter of moments.

image showing incoming functionality

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