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Zaied Akhtar

CBT Therapist
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My approach is one of offering clients a safe space in order to explore the current challenges facing their lives and ability to function in the hear and now. I am a compassionate, warm and bubbly personality and find that a lot of clients can easily relate to me on a human level. The key ingredients for me in how successful the therapy process is upmost the quality of the therapist-client relationship. Having a non-judgmental attitude, helping clients tell their personal stories in a way they feel validated, care for and listened to is extremely important for me as a therapist. I aim to listen to clients’ needs and do my best in working together in a collaborative way in achieving client goals for therapy. I am also willing to listen to feedback and tailor my sessions to the individual needs of the client its not ‘one size fits all’ but have a variety of different ways in which I can work with client and use creative and imaginative ways of doing this. For me it’s never about ‘what’s wrong with you’ but ‘what’s happened to you’ which forms the basis of how I work with clients. I am interested in your stories, experiences, beliefs and values who you are as a person which helps me better understand how I can help you work together with me in achieving your individualised goals. Clients have reported that I do listen, and they can find it very easy to talk to me that I am a nice therapist and I also listen to where things have not worked well and with your feedback respond to this in getting it right as like you, I am also human. My belief is no one client is the same, together I can add value to your life’s and equally I take personal learning and growth from the experiences I have with clients it is a very rewarding combination for both therapist and the client.


I am a fully qualified and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist registered with the BABCP (120293) and fully qualified EMDR Therapist. I also have a qualification in CBT supervision and have been a supervisor for many years. I have over 20 years of direct clinical experience working in a range of specialist mental health services in the UK. My clinical experiences range from community mental health services (CMHT), older adults, learning disabilities service to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Children with complex health needs, older adults’ rehabilitation services and social care. I have held significant roles within the NHS and Social Care and have been involved in a range of service development initiatives whereby I have looked at ways in which clients can better access therapy. I have specialised in working with personality disorders and bring to these experiences of understanding the interpersonal difficulties client report in range of relationships they have. I have been an NHS leader and have held senior positions in managing teams, developing new ways of working and looking after staff wellbeing.

From the outset of meeting me I would hope you have an idea of how I can help your current situation. I have extensive knowledge of a range of mental health disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Complex Trauma, Bi-polar, Stress and burnout and loss and bereavement. I will be using evidence-based models in helping you achieve your outcomes and better your life experiences.

Specialist interests and additional qualifications

Specialist Interests and additional Qualifications -

NHS Leadership Academy Training CBT for Personality Disorders Training Working with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD CBT Supervision Training Taking a Transdiagnostic Perspective Across Mental Health Disorders. Training in Fairburn’s model in CBT for Eating Disorders. Different language skills in using CBT in Urdu and Punjabi Being able to Adapt CBT for Learning Difficulties, clients with neurodevelopmental difficulties Training in working with Interpreters

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