Dr Nathan Anthony

Consultant Psychiatrist

MBBS, BSc, MRC Psych

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Dr Anthony is a senior consultant psychiatrist with extensive experience in assessing and treating the particular needs of both male and female clients with a wide variety of psychological and mental health issues. His professional ethos is to get both male and female clients (with their, at times, very specific needs) back on their feet as quickly as possible. Dr Anthony specialises in anxiety disorders, depression and treatment resistant depression, psychotherapy, bipolar spectrum disorders, adult ADHD, addictions, and eating disorders in both male and female clients.

Dr Anthony graduated from Guy’s St Thomas’ medical schools in 1996 and was fortunate enough to gain a very comprehensive training in psychiatry in London. He spent 7 years working as a consultant psychiatrist within the NHS in both inpatient and community services.

Dr Anthony left the NHS in 2011 to focus on becoming a private psychiatrist, practising in the London, Kent and Surrey areas. Private practise allows him to spend unhurried time with his clients.

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