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Ms Elina Broholm

Assistant Psychologist

BSc (Hons), MSc

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My approach

I am passionate about helping people to continue living in accordance with what is important in their lives - their values - and for this help to readily available to everybody. I am particularly passionate about mindfulness approaches in everyday life, how to apply these in order to reduce stress, enjoy the moment and increase awareness and acceptance of thoughts and feelings.

My experience

I have 4 years of clinical experience working with mild and complex presentations. I am experienced in individual therapy assessment, group therapy facilitation and the implementation of Triple Chronotherapy for inpatients.

About me

I have four years experience working with adults experiencing mental health difficulties in a community and residential setting. I have a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Global Mental Health.

My Qualifications

BSc Psychology - University of Glasgow (2013)

MSc Global Mental Health - King’s College London (2016)

My specialties

  • Assistant Psychology
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