Support For Under 18s

Thank you for visiting HelloSelf. Unfortunately, we can’t support anyone under 18 at the moment, something we are working to change.

It is really good that you’ve reached out for support, especially if you’re in a difficult place. Being a young person can be challenging at times. Often there are lots of things going on such as exams and relationships and life seems to change frequently as things develop. We all cope with difficult things in our life in different ways. Some of us can be moody or get angry easily. Others find themselves getting in trouble more often than not. Asking for help is always the first step and talking to someone can be very helpful regardless of what we’re going through - good or challenging!

Even though we can’t help you at the moment, there are other places you can turn to. First of all, perhaps you could try speaking to someone at your school - for instance, a teacher or the school counsellor who could provide support and let you know how to best proceed. Alternatively, perhaps you have someone close to you could speak to - like a family member, parent, or a trusted friend. You can also visit your GP who can discuss the best help and support for you.

There following charities can also provide support and have information about where to find help:

If you do feel unable to keep yourself safe, attend your nearest Accident and Emergency Department or call NHS 111 or 999.