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Your Self Better,
Every Self Better

Therapy & Coaching to
make your Self Better

Why HelloSelf?

All of the understanding and expertise of our highly reputable Therapists

Supported with technology and our own clinical platform features

To create a personalised, effective therapy experience for each person we serve.

A HelloSelf Session

At HelloSelf we offer shorter 25 minute sessions and traditional 50 minute therapy sessions. A 25 minute session is a great way of seeing how a Clinical Psychology session works and understanding the benefit you’ll get.

25 min therapy session with a matched Therapist costs £60

On average our members have 8 therapy sessions in total

On average our members rate our therapy sessions 4.7 / 5

How it works


Click the 'See available therapists' button below to get a live view of availability over the next few days


If there is a convenient slot you accept the match and get familiar with our platform ahead of your session


You have your 1st session with us and agree with your therapist the best next steps to achieve your goals.


Your progress, goals, tracking and activities will be available to you on the HelloSelf platform whenever you want, meaning you can continue to benefit from your sessions between meetings and beyond.

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